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    "Joshua Banks is an award winning, dynamic, authentic and thought-provoking speaker."


    With over 15 years of ministry experience, 9 years of law enforcement, and countless hours devoted to serving the community.


    Joshua Banks challenges his listeners in areas pertaining to:

    • leadership
    • spiritual development
    • conflict resolution
    • Communication 

    His goal is to encourage his listeners to rethink the foundations of their own beliefs.


    In 2017 he co-founded the Mastering Manhood Conference. This conference was founded to educate men for personal and professional development.


    Joshua served as the "IDADS" program coordinator for the Housing Authority of the City of Austin. The "IDADS" groundbreaking program is aimed at dealing with the issue of fatherlessness in our communities. Under his leadership, this program received both local and national recognition.


    He currently serves as the first fatherhood program Outreach and Engagement specialist for the Attorney General’s Office for the state of Texas.

    He is a father, a teacher and mentor, and a graduate of Rhema Bible College.


    He has authored two books:

    • Jesus Others You: The Self-Centered Gospel  
    • The Doctrine of Synchronization
  • Experience

    Rhema Bible College


    Theological Studies with an emphasis on Evangelical Ministry

    Travis County Sheriff's Office


    Corrections Tactical/ Certified Hostage Negotiator

    The Man In Me


    Director of Public Communications

    Housing Authority of the City of Austin


    Program Coodrinator

    Mastering Manhood Men's Conference



    Texas Attorney General


    Fatherhood Outreach and Engagement Specialist

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    Jesus Others You: The Self-Centered Gospel

    The Doctrine of Synchronization

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